Watch Now: DOOM – Fight Like Hell Cinematic Trailer

Doom Logo T Shirt Sheer
Doom Logo T Shirt Sheer

Yes, I have a soft spot for all things Doom.

Fight. Like. Hell. Celebrate DOOM’s upcoming launch with our all-new live-action cinematic trailer. Directed by Joe Kosinski (Oblivion, Tron: Legacy), the trailer evokes the pillars of DOOM’s gameplay: Relentless Combat, Terrifying Demons, and Bad Ass Guns.

Update: The Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman Date

Batman v Superman Means War Pullover Hoodie
Batman v Superman Means War Pullover Hoodie

Sad news, looks like the July 16th date floating around the web (and Amazon) for the R-Rated cut of the film featuring an additional 30 minutes of footage is actually not correct. It looks like Warner will be announcing the official release date in a few weeks.

Bummer, but still can’t wait to see this one with the extra footage!

Weekend Box Office Chart For March 25th to March 27th

Batman v Superman: Life-Size Statue Set
Batman v Superman: Life-Size Statue Set

From the eagerly anticipated 2016 blockbuster BATMAN v SUPERMAN comes this incredible set of life-size statues of the 2 Superhero titans and future Justice League leaders: The Dark Knight, aka BATMAN (as portrayed by Ben Affleck) and the Man of Steel, aka SUPERMAN (as portrayed by Henry Cavill).

1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice $170.1 Total: $170.1
2. Zootopia $23.1 Total: $240.5
3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 $18.1 Total: $18.1
4. Miracles from Heaven $9.5 Total: $34.1
5. The Divergent Series: Allegiant $9.5 Total: $46.6
6. 10 Cloverfield Lane $6.0 Total: $56.0
7. Deadpool $5.0 Total: $349.4
8. London Has Fallen $2.9 Total: $55.6
9. Hello, My Name is Doris $1.7 Total: $3.2
10. Eye in the Sky $1.0 Total: $1.7

First Look at the New Wonder Woman and Amazons!

Wonder Woman Pose V Neck Juniors Tunic Shirt
Wonder Woman Pose V Neck Juniors Tunic Shirt

“Themyscira is influenced by the Greek but it’s clearly more then that,” producer Charles Roven tells the outlet. “It’s a place that has the ‘you’ve never been to’ kind of feel. But once you’re there you’re not so sure you really want to leave so fast.” ?

“To me, they shouldn’t be dressed in armor like men,” director Patty Jenkins says of their armor. “It should be different. It should be authentic and real—and appealing to women.”

Wonder Woman

Weekend Box Office Chart for March 18th to March 20th

Zootopia continues to hold the number one spot for its third weekend in theaters.

1. Zootopia $38.0 Total: $201.8
2. The Divergent Series: Allegiant $29.0 Total: $29.0
3. Miracles from Heaven $15.0 Total: $18.5
4. 10 Cloverfield Lane $12.5 Total: $45.1
5. Deadpool $8.0 Total: $340.9
6. London Has Fallen $6.8 Total: $50.0
7. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot $2.8 Total: $19.2
8. The Perfect Match $1.9 Total: $7.3
9. The Brothers Grimsby $1.4 Total: $5.9
10. The Revenant $1.2 Total: $181.1

Watch Now: Marvel’s Daredevil Season 2 Trailer


Just when Matt thinks he is bringing order back to the city, new forces are rising in Hell’s Kitchen. Now the Man Without Fear must take on a new adversary in Frank Castle and face an old flame – Elektra Nachos.

Bigger problems emerge when Frank Castle, a man looking for vengeance, is reborn as The Punisher, a man who takes justice into his own hands in Matt’s neighborhood. Meanwhile, Matt must balance his duty to his community as a lawyer and his dangerous life as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, facing a life-altering choice that forces him to truly understand what it means to be a hero.

Watch Now: Sausage Party Red Band Trailer (NSFW)


Sony Pictures Entertainment and Annapurna Pictures’ Sausage Party, the first R-rated CG animated comedy from writers Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Kyle Hunter and Ariel Shaffir, debuted as a work-in-progress cut on Monday at SXSW. You can now watch the Sausage Party trailer, which gives us our first look at the raunchy August 12 release.

Remember, watch at your own risk. This is not safe for work.

Weekend Box Office Chart for March 11th to March 13th

Zootopia and 10 Cloverfield Lane are incredible and you should go see them both right now.

1. Zootopia $50.0 Total: $142.6
2. 10 Cloverfield Lane $25.2 Total: $25.2
3. Deadpool $10.8 Total: $328.0
4. London Has Fallen $10.6 Total: $38.8
5. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot $4.6 Total: $14.5
6. The Perfect Match $4.1 Total: $4.1
7. The Young Messiah $3.4 Total: $3.4
8. The Brothers Grimsby $3.1 Total: $3.1
9. Gods of Egypt $2.5 Total: $27.3
10. Risen $2.2 Total: $32.3

Weekend Box Office Chart forMarch 4th to March 6th


The brilliantly funny Zootopia takes the top spot with a sweet $73.7 million while the really bad London Has Fallen takes the 2nd spot.

1. Zootopia $73.7 Total: $73.7
2. London Has Fallen $21.7 Total: $21.7
3. Deadpool $16.4 Total: $311.1
4. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot $7.6 Total: $7.6
5. Gods of Egypt $5.0 Total: $22.8
6. Risen $3.8 Total: $28.6
7. Kung Fu Panda 3 $3.5 Total: $133.8
8. The Revenant $3.3 Total: $175.9
9. Eddie the Eagle $3.1 Total: $10.8
10. The Witch $2.5 Total: $20.9

Watch Now: Ghostbusters Trailer

Ghostbusters Thermal Long Sleeve T Shirt
Ghostbusters Thermal Long Sleeve T Shirt

So sad we never got a real Ghostbusters 3 with the original cast.

Ghostbusters makes its long-awaited return, rebooted with a cast of hilarious new characters. Thirty years after the beloved original franchise took the world by storm, director Paul Feig brings his fresh take to the supernatural comedy, joined by some of the funniest actors working today – Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Chris Hemsworth. This summer, they’re here to save the world!