Team Batman or Team Superman? Who Is the Better Hero?

The vigilante, dark, brooding Caped Crusader, or the alien, ethical Man of Steel? The same question has been debated between comic fans since Batman joined Superman in the DC Comics Universe in 1939. There are six major themes that fans argue when considering Batman or Superman:


When considering powers, Superman undoubtedly beats Batman, simply because without the money billionaire Bruce Wayne has, he would just be a man in a bat suit running around. Superman’s abilities include superhuman strength, speed, senses, endurance, and longevity, as well as flight, heat vision, freezing breath, and x-ray vision.

In contrast, Batman relies on his keen mind, advanced technology, and master martial art skills to defeat his enemies. Without the money from his trust fund, Bruce Wayne would never have been able to afford his vigilante activities, thereby making him ineffective or inactive.


Batman far outweighs Superman as a character that readers can relate to. Powers aside, Batman’s character flaws and more realistic storylines make the character easy for readers to empathize with and understand. Superman often comes off as a “do-gooder,” and many of his plotlines involve using brute force to get out of situations. Batman, on the other hand, usually gives off an isolated, brooding personality that is more understanding given the situation he has placed himself in.

Batman portrays real human flaws and often makes mistakes when handling his vigilante alter ego. He uses a motivation and a profound sense of justice, to almost insane amounts, in order to carry on his nightly activities. Superman’s personality almost seems unreachable to readers, due to his overwhelming sense of goodness that most would agree does not showcase the darkness hidden in every human mind.


Batman undoubtedly beats Superman with the diverse, extensive range of the rogue’s gallery. The Joker, Batman’s archenemy, may be the most feared supervillain in any comic series, due to his chaotic approach to criminality and seemingly lack of care in any sort of goals, like money or power. The Joker is such an important character to the Caped Crusader’s universe, as he provides the complete antithesis to Batman: complete disregard for killing and ethics, and a rejection of all authority or justice.

Batman’s world also includes antiheroes such as Cat Woman, whose ever-changing storylines pit her somewhere in the gray area rather than a stark black and white, good guy versus bad guy narrative found in Superman’s comics. Superman’s arch-enemy Lex Luthor is always pitted as the “bad guy” with none of the real depth or interesting backgrounds that Batman’s villains seem to have.

Finally, the backgrounds Batman provides its villains make them even more compelling and exciting to read. The fall-from-grace plotline of Two-Face to the radical belief system of Poison Ivy give the Dark Knight’s villains more dimension, as well as make it harder for the reader to simply see the universe in a one-way avenue of good versus evil.


Superman mostly works alone for the majority of his alternate plotlines, but he does have partnerships with Supergirl and Superboy later on in his adaptations. Neither Supergirl nor Superboy are very popular among readers, with Wizard Magazine ranking them 153rd and 196th out of the Top 200 comic book characters of all time, respectively.

Contrastingly, Batman’s sidekicks of Robin/Dick Grayson and Batgirl/Barbara Gordon are typically adapted and well-liked throughout their media and comic depictions. Many Batman movies and television shows feature a Robin, mainly due to the character’s popularity and to show a softer side to Bruce Wayne. Both Batgirl and Robin rank much higher than Superman’s sidekicks, taking the spots of 37th and 68th on Wizard’s list, respectively.


Both Batman and Superman battle the weakness of having to live virtually two separate lives. Batman confronts this weakness by avoiding all human interaction save for his butler, Alfred, and a few companions such as Dick Grayson and Lucius Fox. The separation from society gives the storyline an insight into loneliness, brooding, and dark themes of human behavior.

Contrastingly, Superman battles the weakness by alternating between Clark Kent – nerd, unintelligent, and meek – to the beloved and adored Superman. The seemingly split personalities create a sense of instability for the character.

Superman also has the one major weakness of Kryptonite. Since he is virtually indestructible, his vulnerability to such a substance makes his storyline that much more unbelievable and a bit campy, whereas Batman fights off numerous other weaknesses, such as his own mortality, the pressure of being hunted by the Gotham Police Force, and his own obsession with turning a rotting city around.

Their Cities

The City of Metropolis most likely defeats the City of Gotham, simply based on portrayals in film, comics, and other media. Metropolis often showcases a glowing, vibrant, prosperous city, whereas Gotham is a city shrouded in darkness, crime, and despair. Frank Miller, the author of the comic book series The Dark Knight Returns, has said, “Metropolis is New York in the daytime while Gotham City is New York at night.”

Who Is the Better Hero?

The various factors surrounding the controversy could fill sets of encyclopedia with who is ultimately the better hero. Both Superman and Batman have qualities that make them great, making it hard to decide between the two. The upcoming film Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, released March 25, 2016, will hopefully shed some light on the divisive debate.

Pledge your allegiance to the cause: Are you Team Batman or Team Superman? Who will win the epic battle, the Dark Knight or the Man of Steel?

When Did Graphic Tees Become Mainstream?

Why Graphic Tees?

Graphic tees have been a part of popular culture since as far back as the 1960s, when the Beatles were the “it” band. Today, the tradition continues. Graphic tees have become a means of self-expression, but also of showing that you are still “with the times” and popular culture trends.

Graphic tees are made for every fandom, movie, and music group or singer possible, creating endless possibilities for individual expression. They are a way of standing out from a crowd – to show the world why you are different, and what you like, love, and represent, all encompassed in a t-shirt. They come in all forms, whether it is your favorite band, TV show, saying, or superhero. Some people may even have one (or even more) of each, and they are ideal for all ages.

What Kinds of Graphic Tees are there?

Graphic tees come in all shapes and colors – literally. First off, they have become an unbelievably popular trend for the music world. Whether you are a mainstream pop fanatic who loves One Direction and Britney Spears, a hip-hop guru who jams to 50 Cent and Kanye West, or more of a classics fan who cannot get enough of David Bowie and AC-DC, there is a graphic tee for you.

Graphic tees are also perfect for all those TV junkies and binge-watchers out there who cannot get enough of the newest Netflix series. No matter if you love popular comedies like The Big Bang Theory and The Office, sci-fi thrillers like Sherlock and Doctor Who, or enthralling, blood-shedding fantasies like Game of Thrones, graphic tees are an excellent way to show off your newest addiction to the world. There are graphic tees for every fandom in the book, from Harry Potter, to Stars Wars, to Disney.


Now to mention the up-and-coming rise in superhero fandoms. Superheroes have been increasingly popular, making a tremendous comeback for the first time in decades, with countless superhero movies that have come out in the last 5-10 years, and dozens more on the horizon that get fans more hooked by the minute.

Are you more excited for Batman vs. Superman or Captain America: Civil War? (Or the more important question – are you team Marvel or team DC?) Alternatively, maybe you’re into the newest season of Daredevil. Tell the world with a graphic tee.

Movies and Childhood   

They are also perfect for showing your love of movies in general, superhero or not, including everything from favorite animated films like Minions to classic 80s movies like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Back to the Future.

Speaking of the 80s, graphic tees are an excellent way to reminisce about the days of your childhood youth, to the days spent watching Cheers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. On the other hand, maybe 90s Disney movies like The Little Mermaid and Toy Story were more your thing. Either way, you can express it with a graphic tee.

On the other hand, graphic tees are perfect for the young kids of today’s generation, with tees for all the popular children’s TV shows, music, and movies. They even come in infant sizes if you are looking to start the next generation’s obsession at a young age.

Let’s Not Forget the Gamers and Anime Fans

Maybe you are not much of a music buff, and movies or superheroes are not your thing. Let’s not forget the original fandoms – video games. Graphic tees are a wonderful way to show your loyalty to your favorite game, with graphics for everything from Mario, to Resident Evil, to Halo.

Another huge fandom is anime. It is one of the biggest international fandoms there is, and another huge component of popular culture. Moreover, you know what that means – through the art of the graphic tee, you can show the world your fandom(s) of choice.

Most Importantly – Where?

From movies, to music, to TV shows, to others like video games and anime, graphic tees are the physical embodiment of popular culture that you can wear every day of the week.

So now the most important question of the hour: Where can you find them? Online companies offer affordable graphic tees for any and every fandom in the book. They are organized by character, and larger categories, to suit your fandom needs. Not only are they made for every fandom imaginable, but they are also a comfortable, casual, and fun way to express your unique interests in today’s growing pop culture community.

Eight Iconic T-Shirts of All Time

The t-shirt is a staple of the American wardrobe. A graphic T-shirt is a perfect way to express your interests and passions, clearly exhibiting your individuality. From fashion designers to your grandparents, including everyone in between, all have owned a t-shirt of some sort. If you are looking to update your wardrobe with some fresh tees, check out the eight most iconic t-shirts of all time.

The Superhero T

superman tshirt

Since the release of the first comic books, superheroes have carved out space for themselves in pop culture. Superheroes have been featured in many movies and television shows because of their popularity. The Superhero T is iconic because the heroes they represent are iconic figures in today’s culture. Who else secretly wears a Superman t-shirt underneath a dress shirt?

The Band T

doors tee

The Band T is a big part of music fan culture. Band and concert t-shirts were especially popular during the latter half of the 20th century. In recent years, the rise in popularity of Hip Hop and Rap music has allowed the band tee to cross over into other genres. However, the most iconic Band T features the instantly recognizable “lick” from The Rolling Stones’ Forty Licks album. You can count on it never going out of style as The Stones are still touring the world today.

The Plain T

white tshirt

You cannot go wrong with a Plain White T. The plain t-shirt is not only a necessity in any self-proclaimed fashionista’s closet, it is also a versatile article of clothing that can be worn with anything. During 2015 New York Fashion Week, the fashion elite wore the “T” during the after parties and casual strolls through Central Park. If you are not convinced of its versatility, maybe badass Marlon Brando in a white t-shirt will change your mind.

The Movie T

animal house college tee

Wardrobe and costume are a crucial part of any film. Picking the right graphic t-shirt for the right character is not easy, but when costume designers get it right, they really get it right. The t-shirts worn by our favorite movie characters often add to the comedy or irony of their personalities. Sometimes, the shirts are just pseudo-names for the character wearing them.

Which brings us to one of the most iconic Movie T’s out there: The “College” T from Animal House. Character Bluto (played by Jim Belushi) is everything you expect a 7th-year frat boy to be. He is the embodiment of a good time in college. His photo wearing this shirt has been made into a poster which hangs in frat houses across America.

The Social Icon T

che guavara tee

There is nothing more American than expressing your beliefs, whether on a bumper sticker, your Facebook wall, or on a t-shirt. We pride ourselves on our freedom to express our ideologies, even starting social movements, if need be. From the Peace sign to the face of Che Guevarra, the Social Icon T carries on the ideas and principles of these movements through today. You can let everyone know you are an avid spiritualist of Rastafarianism with your favorite Bob Marley t-shirt. Just be careful when wearing something with an unpopular opinion.

The Souvenir T

las vegas tshirt

A popular travel souvenir is a t-shirt. It is something that you can wear to let everyone know you visited some other city. Though wearing an I<3NY can be seen as dorky if you live in LA, some tourists collect these kitschy tees from all over the world until they have a respectable collection. Nowadays, the souvenir T has evolved from the “and all I got was this lousy t-shirt” days to making intricate designs that express the uniqueness of the country it is sold in. While souvenir tees are not the most fashionable of the Ts, who would not want a one that reads, I<3 the Moon?

The Quote/Catchphrase T

it's your luck day tee

Much like sharing pictures of texts on your social media, t-shirts with quotes or catchphrases are equally popular. Everything from “I’m with stupid” to “Kiss me, I’m Irish” can be found on a t-shirt. Quote/Catchphrase t-shirts are iconic because there are so many different ones. Whatever your mantra is, you can put it on a t-shirt.

The College T

college tee

Much like sports jerseys, College Ts represent more than peoples’ alma maters, but also their favorite college sports team. Like the plain T, the college T is versatile and is perfect for a casual afternoon. See Vincent Vega (played by John Travolta) don a UC Santa Cruz  T in the popular movie Pulp Fiction.

Thirteen of the Greatest T-shirts Ever Worn in a Movie

Movie: Animal House

animal house

Worn by: John Belushi as John “Bluto Blutarsky”

This t-shirt reads, “College,” and has become the go-to tee for college bros everywhere. Belushi’s character Bluto, a lumbering 7th year fraternity bro, is known for his immature antics and comic relief, making him a college idol for generations to come.

Movie: Forrest Gump

forest gump

Worn by: Many

This American classic credits Forrest for the invention of the iconic Smiley Face t-shirt. Forrest ran to the end of the road, then decided he better run to the edge of town. Soon, he was running until he met the ocean. Along the way, he created the iconic Smiley Face T. Other than being repurposed as Wal-Mart’s former mascot, the smiley face is an instantly recognizable universal icon. Make sure yours is smeared with mud to fully appreciate Forrest’s ingenuity.

Movie: Napoleon Dynamite

= napoleon dynamite

Worn by: Jon Heder as Napoleon Dynamite

This T gained wide popularity following the release of the hit movie Napoleon Dynamite in 2004. Even if you’ve only seen the clip of Napoleon’s infamous dance number, you know that you should vote for Pedro. Though a cult film, this article of the Napoleon Dynamite wardrobe is instantly recognizable anywhere you go.

Movie: Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused

Worn by: Matthew McConaughey as David Wooderson

This shirt will make all the high school girls swoon. Made famous by high school stoner David Wooderson, this shirt features the cover of Ted Nugent and The Amboy Dukes second album Tooth Fang & Claw. The album is a symbol of the counterculture of American Youth, which is why forever young David Wooderson donned it for this coming of age stoner flick.

Movie: What About Bob

What about bob

Worn by: Bill Murray as Bob Wiley

This is iconic for its sheer irony. In the film, What About Bob, Bob is instructed by his psychiatrist to take a vacation. Along with all the crazy hi-jinx and tomfoolery of Bob’s vacation, he wears this shirt asserting that he is definitely a local, making this T a memorable movie T.

Movie: Fast Times of Ridgemont High

fast times at ridgemount high

Worn by: Sean Penn as Jeff Spicoli

You may remember Jeff Spicoli as the laidback surfer dude of the fictional California high school, Ridgemont High. Along with his classic Colt .45 T, Spicoli also sports a pair of checkered Vans slip-on shoes, making him the walking embodiment of a California beach boy.

Movie: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

ferris bueller's day off

Worn by: Alan Ruck as Cameron Frye

Though this film may be all about Ferris and his day off, when it comes to t-shirts, best friend Cameron takes the cake with his red hockey jersey for the Detroit Red Wings.

Movie: Flash Gordon

flash gordon

Worn by: Sam J. Jones as Flash Gordon

We’re throwing back for all the dads out there to this iconic self-named shirt. Flash Gordon was an iconic superhero during the 80s. His memory lives on in the minds of countless middle- aged men and young adults across the country …  and also in Ted 2 where Sam Jones makes a guest appearance.

Movie: Knocked Up

knocked up

Worn by: Seth Rogen as Ben Stone

Ben Stone is caught between never growing up and facing the impending responsibilities of fatherhood. Throughout the film he tries to convince his baby mama that he is reliable and capable of taking care of them. All while wearing a t-shirt reading “amsterdam.”

Movie: Pulp Fiction


Worn by: Samuel L. Jackson as Jules Winnifield

Jules may look like a dork wearing a Krazy Kat T, but because of the memorable scene where he barks Ezekiel 25:17, right before putting several bullets in someone, you’d think twice about someone wearing a baby blue Krazy Kat T.

 Movie: Happy Gilmore

happy gilmore

Worn by: Richard Kiel as Mr. Lawson

Actor Richard Kiel is known for his towering frame of 7 feet and 7 inches, which makes this t-shirt all the more intimidating, because his character, Mr. Larson, was wearing it while threatening Shooter in a parking lot.

Movie: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

scott pilgrim verse the world

Worn by: Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim

This film adaptation of the self-titled comic book series features Scott Pilgrim in an array of far-out t-shirts. The most notable one is his green Smashing Pumpkins band T during the climactic scene where Scott wins back Ramona’s favor. Another reason why this shirt stands out among the rest is because SP is also his initials.

Movie: Ghostbusters

ghost busters

Worn by: Everyone!

No matter what year you were born, everyone knows that if there’s something strange in your neighborhood, you’re going to call Ghostbusters, even though no t-shirt featuring the Ghostbuster logo was worn during the film. It is still an iconic symbol that can be found printed on a t-shirt. Get yours before everyone else does when the Ghostbusters remake comes out this July 2016.

Weekend Box Office Chart for April 15th to April 17th

With one of the biggest April debuts ever, Walt Disney’s The Jungle Book opened with sweet $103.6 million. We are now sure to see live action versions of everything.

1. The Jungle Book $103.5 Total: $103.5
2. Barbershop: The Next Cut $20.2 Total: $20.2
3. The Boss $10.1 Total: $40.3
4. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice $9.0 Total: $311.3
5. Zootopia $8.2 Total: $307.4
6. Criminal $5.8/$5.8
7. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 $3.2 Total: $52.0
8. Miracles from Heaven $1.9 Total: $56.9
9. God’s Not Dead 2 $1.7 Total: $16.9
10. Eye in the Sky $1.6 Total: $13.1

Watch Now: COMA Official Teaser Trailer – Russian Sci-Fi Movie

This may possibly be the first Russian Sci Fi Movie I will see!

After a mysterious and terrible accident, a young talented architect finds himself in a very strange world, only partially resembling reality. The world that is based on the memory of reality of people who are in a deep coma. Human memory is fragmented, chaotic and changeable. The same is the space of COMA – a queer set of memories where rivers, glaciers and cities can fit in one room, where any laws of physics can be broken. The main character has to figure out the laws of this space, fight for life, find love, finally find an exit to the real world and realize it in a new way understanding what COMA actually is.

Weekend Box Office Chart for April 1st to April 3rd

Batman Superman Jim Lee City Ledge T-Shirt
Batman Superman Jim Lee City Ledge T-Shirt

Lots of people are pointing out how much Batman C Superman dropped. Thing is it was a slow weekend overall with lower numbers for everybody.

1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice $52.4 Total: $261.4
2. Zootopia $20.0 Total: $275.9
3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 $11.1 Total: $36.4
4. God’s Not Dead 2 $8.1 Total: $8.1
5. Miracles from Heaven $7.5/$46.8
6. The Divergent Series: Allegiant $5.7 Total: $56.3
7. 10 Cloverfield Lane $4.7/$63.5
8. Meet the Blacks $4.0 Total: $4.0
9. Eye in the Sky $4.0 Total: $6.1
10. Deadpool $3.5 Total: $355.1