Reshoots, Reshoots and more Reshoots

Star Wars Trilogy New Hope Sketch Poster T-Shirt
Star Wars Trilogy New Hope Sketch Poster T-Shirt

Aside from the awesome title of the original article “The Han Solo movie now being “nearly all” reshoots proves that Ron Howard should have shot first”, this does have me a tad worried. Ron Howard does sort of rock so I still can’t wait to see what he can do.

Gamesrader has the full story.

Star Wars has caught a bad case of reshoot-itis. Symptoms include blurred directorial vision, hair falling out and, in the case of the Han Solo movie, a sudden loss of money if insider reports are anything to go by. This wasn’t just a cut-and-paste job after Chris Lord and Phil Miller’s firings either – it’s essentially a completely different movie under the helm of new director Ron Howard.

Star Wars News Net’s Resistance Broadcast podcast (via Screen Rant) has spilled the beans on what’s been going on behind-the-scenes on the reshoots. Two quotes stick out. First, the movie is now “nearly all” from the reshoots. Lord and Miller’s cut has been confined to, probably, that great big ditch in the desert where they buried those god-awful E.T games in the ‘80s.

If that’s the case, then it makes sense that Michael K. Williams had to leave the movie due to scheduling conflicts and you’ve got to wonder just how close the movie ends up being to its original idea. No one wants a horrible mish-mash of a script that doesn’t mesh with a completely fresh vision.

More worryingly for Lucasfilm’s coffers, the reshoots also allegedly cost “twice the budget.” When you think about Star Wars: Rogue One only being salvaged from considerable reshoots, and ending up costing a total $200m overall, you’re bound to be looking at something north of that figure.

Could we be seeing our very first Star Wars flop in the making or can Ron Howard save the day? The director has been a great sport with teasing out several shots from the movie, but it could just be a case of distracting us from the great big worry that they’re throwing money down the Sarlaac pit. We’ll have to wait until 25 May, 2018 to find out.

Weekend Box Office Chart for October 27th to October 29th

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The poorly rated Suburbicon (25% on RT) sort of bombed, while the other poorly rated Jigsaw (38%) and Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween(7%… seriously, 7%!) took the two top spots this pre-Holoween weekend.

1. Jigsaw $16.2 Total: $16.2
2. Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween $10.0 Total: $35.5
3. Geostorm $5.6 Total: $23.5
4. Happy Death Day $5.0 Total: $48.3
5. Blade Runner 2049 $3.9 Total: $81.3
6. Thank You for Your Service $3.7 Total: $3.7
7. Only The Brave $3.4 Total: $11.9
8. The Foreigner $3.2 Total: $28.8
9. Suburbicon $2.8 Total: $2.8
10. It $2.4 Total: $323.7

Weekend Box Office Chart for October 13th to October 15th

Happy Death Day was decent, but Blade Runner 2049 was really damn good. It and American Made are both solid as well. Next week Only the Brave is out and it’s looking like a real winner.

1. Happy Death Day $26.5 Total: $26.5
2. Blade Runner 2049 $15.1 Total: $60.5
3. The Foreigner $12.8 Total: $12.8
4. It $6.0 Total: $314.9
5. The Mountain Between Us $5.6 Total: $20.5
6. American Made $5.4 Total: $40.1
7. Kingsman: The Golden Circle $5.3 Total: $89.6
8. The LEGO Ninjago Movie $4.3 Total: $51.5
9. My Little Pony: The Movie $4.0 Total: $15.5
10. Victoria and Abdul $3.1 Total: $11.3

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