9 Reasons Why We Love Dragon Ball

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The only reason why someone may not love Dragon Ball is because they have never watched the show. Dragon Ball is not your typical Japanese anime. It is a life-changing experience! A memorable keystone of the childhoods of those who were born in the late 80s, all the way up into the early 2000s. For those of you who had the misfortune of not watching Dragon Ball or would like to take a trip down to memory lane, here’s a list of the nine reasons we love Dragon Ball.

#1: The Fighting

In its day, Dragon Ball was the epitome of animated action. Its choreography still rivals that of any action show today. Dragon Ball takes the concept of martial arts and exaggerates them to superhuman proportions. Dragon Ball could simultaneously capture the essence of the traditional Kung Fu movie you would see from Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan, and mix it with a super-hero-like approach you would see from the likes of Marvel and DC comics.

Combat Scenes in the show are phenomenal. The characters fought with the technical prowess that both casual viewers and martial arts enthusiasts could appreciate, while also having the ability through intense training to kick their opponents through buildings, knock down trees with karate chops, lift boulders, and so much more.

#2: The Energy Blast

Equally as compelling as the hand to hand combat seen within Dragon Ball was the energy blast that characters would conjure during the series Dragon Ball, derived from a unique adaptation of Ki: a Japanese word that combines mind, body, spirit and will.

However, in Dragonball, Ki came in the form of manifested plasma light energy that characters would mold into a variety of techniques. Including the world renowned Kamehameha Wave blast which every single person who watched the show has attempted to do. It took one of the characters in the series named Master Roshi, 50 years to master the technique.

#3: The Art Design

If you were born in the late 80s or 90s, it is highly likely that the first thing that comes to mind whenever you think about Japanese art design is Dragon Ball. Everything, from the character design to the landscapes, giant robots, and energy blasts, was illustrated almost perfectly. Even some of the smallest details just radiated with imagination.

#4: The Story

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Dragon Ball is a series of adventures, while the series does periodically revolve around finding seven mythical Dragon Balls to summon a divine dragon that can grant almost any wish. The main consensus of the story is self-improvement. The main character of the series, Goku, shows this in his daily life, either through his training or the opponents that he has fought. He is always trying to burst through his previous limit and push himself to new pinnacles as a martial artist to become stronger every day.

#5: The Protagonist

Dragon Ball has one of the largest lists of memorable and lovable characters of any anime series. Every single one of the characters that is featured in Dragon Ball brings something new to the table, whether it is in the form of Bulma, who convinces the main character Goku to help her find the seven Dragon Balls; Master Roshi, who trains Goku to become a much more powerful fighter; or Krillin, who becomes a best friend, rival, and training partner for Goku.

Many other supporting characters that are introduced over Goku’s travels, such as Yamcha, Oolong, Kame, Tien, etc.

#6: The Antagonist

As the saying goes, the “heroes are only as good as their villains.” This phrase couldn’t be truer within the realm of Dragon Ball. Every villain the heroes encounter within the series not only brings something new to the table that the protagonists haven’t seen before, but are more powerful than the last.

No matter how many obstacles or thresholds the heroes overcome, they are met with greater challenges each time. They must constantly push themselves to become better than they ever were previously to defeat their new adversaries.

This is synonymous with real life. No matter how many problems you solve today, you are met with new and perhaps bigger ones next, but, no matter what happens, you must remain steadfast and keep pushing through. This is why so many viewers can relate to the fancy world that is Dragon Ball.

#7: The Music

From the opening and ending themes to the musical themes that were featured during battle or while introducing new characters, the music in Dragon Ball was nothing short of amazing and made it stand out from every other form of animation.

The musical scores did a marvelous job of audibly reflecting everything that happened with the series, making the viewer feel tense at times of urgency, motivated when the characters embarked on a new adventure or resolved an issue at the end of an episode or story arch. One could simply tell how thrilling the series was just by listening to the opening theme.

#8: The Unique World of Dragon Ball

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The imagination of Akira Toriyama deserves a Nobel Prize. Dragon Ball takes place in a world that features futuristic technology with flying cars and oval skated buildings. Dinosaurs and other mythical beasts roam the planet. Cities are separated by large stretches of archipelagos, and the world is ruled by martial artists and independent radical military factions.

#9: Dragon Ball Z

Irrefutably the most beloved and celebrated anime series of all time, Dragon Ball Z is the sequel series to Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Z stays true to what everyone loved in the original Dragon Ball, but brings several new elements into the franchise, elevating the scope of the story to a much grander scale.

The two series tie together perfectly, but, even more impressive, is that both series could exist without the other and would still be recognized in the highest tier of action cartoon franchises.