9 Things We Love About Jessica Jones

Comic book image of jessica jonesMarvel is best known for its male superheroes. Rarely do we hear about female superheroes taking the spotlight. With the few there are, they seem to fit into a pattern: beautiful, very capable, and lacking fashion in their everyday alter egos; but, what makes a female superhero is broadening, and this is where Jessica Jones comes into play.

This girl packs a punch (literally and metaphorically). She is just as complicated and realistic as she is effective and strong. Her struggles are all too human, which connect her to her female followers. Her unique character really draws readers and viewers in, and we are breaking it down into nine things we love about Jessica Jones.

1. She is completely different from everything Marvel has done.

Sure, Marvel has women superheroes, but none of them are quite like Jessica Jones! She is a foul-mouthed, drunken mess and not afraid to admit it. This is simply how she deals with traumatizing situations. She still, however, remains a hero.

2. She adds a little Rated R to Marvel.

Let’s face it, Marvel has always bent to the family oriented. Although we started seeing a slight transition with Daredevil, nothing has really broken that mold like Jessica Jones. There is hot sex, foul language, disturbing imagery, drug use, and basically everything else that is associated with the term “Rated R.”

3. She is a “hero” and not a “Superhero.”

Jessica Jones on netflix

While she goes above and beyond to use her powers to save people, she also realizes that not everyone can be saved. There are some nights she would rather just curl up in a ball with a bottle of whiskey and drink herself to sleep.

4. She is learning her powers along the way.

Jessica has so much unrealized potential. This gives the show much more mystery. For example, in the first episode, we learn she is super strong and the story dwells on this for a while until she figures out she can jump high. The jumps keep getting longer and higher, which leads everyone to believe she has flying powers she has yet to discover. Jones even says herself that she is not hiding her powers, but she is not advertising them, either.

5. She deals with death differently.

We all know Marvel’s superheroes are known for killing off villains, but not Jessica. She tries so hard not to kill. There was even a time she captured Kilgrave and tried to bring out the good in him. Of course, there was none, but it showed she has a good heart.

6. She is independent.

Jessica would much rather be alone in her struggles than have someone by her side. She does not need anyone to accept her and is cautious of whom she allows into her life. She is perfectly fine with going out alone and accepts the fact she has a drinking problem, and, in her own words, “I don’t get asked out on a lot of second dates.”

7. She is a survivor.

Jessica has suffered some traumatizing hardships. Most people would have given up going through what she has, and there are times while watching the show when you think she is done with it all.

8. She had a teenage crush on Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, but married Luke Cage.

If being a superhero isn’t awesome enough, the fact she went to high school with Peter Parker tops the cake. She had the biggest crush on him in school but never let him know. She later watched him in action as Spiderman (not knowing it was Peter). He inspired her to use her powers for good.

What began as Jessica investigating Luke to see if he was having an affair with a married woman quickly turned into a romantic relationship between the two. Although they had their difficulties, especially when Luke found out Jessica was the one who killed his wife while under Kilgrave’s control. They still managed to realize they are made for each other.

9. She has her own Netflix show!

Jessica Jones netflix cover image

If the fact she is a superhero in Marvel comic books series isn’t cool enough, there is always her own show, Jessica Jones, on Netflix! It is full of action, suspense, and drama that will leave you on the edge of your seat and wanting more.

While Marvel has an awesome group of characters, no one can beat Jessica Jones. There is something special about a superhero who is over being a superhero and dwells on being normal. She touches home to so many through her victories and failures, and she gives faith to others that, no matter what they are going through, they can make it.