’12 Shirts of Christmas’ Facebook Fan Page Giveaway

Stylin Online, the internet’s largest retailer of pop culture t-shirts is giving away t-shirts every day
of the 12 days of Christmas.

Between December 14-24 we’ll give away 78 t-shirts to fans who post a comment on our Facebook fan page. One on the first day, two on the second day, etc. Our grand prize is (12) t-shirts selected from the over 10,000 available from Stylin Online.com. This Fan Page giveaway is worth more that $2000 in t-shirts and shipping, and is our way of giving back to our fans during the holiday season.

Sing along this shopping season to Stylin Online’s version of “The 12 Days of Christmas”.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, My Stylin sent to me…

12-cents for Spidey
Eleven letters laughing (Looney Tunes)
Ten Avengers venging
Nine Nails a spinning
8–bits a hustling
Seven dwarfs on onesies
Six feet a under
Five glowing green,
Four Fantastic fighters
Halo 3 a shooting
Two tigers fighting
And a partridge on a red tee!

How to Enter: Visit our Facebook fan page to become a fan. Add a comment to our fan page enter for each day to enter each days drawing. Winners are selected by random, and your odds of winning depend on how many people comment that day.

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Prizes: Prizes are awarded each day of the promotion in the form of a gift certificate worth the value of the retail value of the total shirts presented that day. The total prize can be used for an online order at StylinOnline.com, at any time, including shipping costs. Orders placed by the winner exceeding the total price of their gift certificate will produce a balance and is the responsibility of the winner.

Prizes will be delivered via Facebook messaging to the account selected as our winner. Redemption of the prize is the responsibility of the Facebook account holder selected as the winner that day.

Conditions/Restrictions: Each winner will be required to post a comment confirming they have won and they have received their prize (gif certificate). The Contest is void where prohibited by law. Anyone using fraudulent means to participate and/or win the Contest will be disqualified. All contest comments and pictures will become the property of Stylin Enterprises, Inc.

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StylinOnline Fave DAY26 up for an AMA and We’re LIVE at the 2009 AMA’s!

day26After rocking it at the Stylin Online Gift Suite and walking the infamous red carpet Stylin Online is now LIVE at the American Music Awards, heretofore known as the AMA’s.  Our AMA Gift Suite saw scores of talented musicians and their family and we outfitted them with some of the sweetest t-shirts and hoodies they will ever see.  Just check out our Facebook fan page to see who came by and check out all the pics.  You’re already a fan, right?

Day26_-_Forever_In_A_DayOne of our favorite bands, DAY26 is nominated for their very own American Music Award in the category of “Favorite Band Duo or Group” so we’re pulling for the guys to come away a big winner.  They were really cool  when we met them at our AMA Gift Suite.  We found out that they are comic book and superhero fans, too.  Make sure you tune in, support YOUR favorites and be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook feed for all our commentary!  And hey, you never know, but you may see Stylin Online’s head honcho, James Stylin in the audience.

And who’s curious to see if Kanye West pulls a repeat performance?

StylinOnline Wants You to be our Fan on Facebook!

FacebookIt’s true!  StylinOnline is on Facebook.  It’s the best place to interact with StylinOnline.  You can ask questions, suggest products & genres, post your pics wearing your StylinOnline t-shirts & hoodies and more.  On top of all that cool stuff you will kept up to date with everything going on at StylinOnline HQ including convention appearances, events, sales, super secret fan appreciation sales, and much, much more.

StylinOnline on Facebook!

Just hop over to our StylinOnline Facebook page and become a fan.

We are on a mad dash for 1000 fans.  You can help!  After you become a fan suggest the StylinOnline to your friends.  Cuz when you tell one friend, they tell one friend and so on and so forth…

So what are you waiting for?  You already love the shirts.  Proclaim your love for StylinOnline and become our fan!

Baltimore and Big Apple Show Recap

We’re exhausted from back to back successful shows for Stylin Online in Baltimore and New York City.  As usual, we set up our MASSIVE tower of tees, which we’ve heard affectionately referred to The Beacon & The Lighthouse, and welcomed our fans with open arms.  We can’t thank our fans and friends enough for coming out to both shows.  We were busy all weekend and fans walked away tons of great shirts.

It was another great convention season and we just wanted to take this time to thank each every one of our fans, both new friends and old, for coming out in droves at each of the cities we hit on our 2009 North American tour.  We’ll be recharging our batteries and getting ready for the holiday shopping season just a few short weeks away.  We hit the road again in March with our first stop being Mega-Con in Orlando, FL.  We hope to see you there!  In the mean time make sure you head on over to our website at StylinOnline.com for some early holiday shopping.

And, of course, don’t forget to add us as a friend on Facebook as well as follow us on Twitter.

Megan Fox on Conan

Megan Fox, star of Jennifer’s Body, Transformers & Transformers 2,  was recently on Conan O’Brien promoting her current flick, Jennifer’s Body.  Now, I bet you are wondering what exactly that has to do with StylinOnline, aren’t you?

Well, Megan has hit our booth at San Diego Comic Con to shop the last two years and walked away with some goodies.  She then went on to tell the world that she picked up a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles T-shirt at Comic-Con during her spot on Conan.  And where do you think she found that elusive t-shirt?  That’s right, the StylinOnline booth.

In the mean time, check out the clip from Conan…

Muppets Take D23

Just when we thought we saw it all.  We were ready to call it a day.  It had an amazing weekend.  We thought D23 proved to be everything you could have wanted from a Disney convention.  We were wrong.  Enter Kermit and the Muppets!

We swung by the Muppets panel and were floored by a few big announcements.  First was, of course, that the Muppets are back and ready to rock.  Here’s a few other tidbits from the panel.

  • Tiffany Thornton (Sonny With a Chance) will be doing a duet at the big Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with iconic Muppet, Kermit!
  • FAO Schwartz’s make your own Muppets “Whatnots” is coming to BOTH Disneyland and Disney World
  • Announced were 5 more YouTube viral videos.  “Ode to Joy” by Beaker is the first of the series with more to come
  • Bohemian Rhapsody” rewritten by Brian May just for the Muppets
  • Announced the revamp of Muppets 3D at both Disney theme parks
  • Announced another Muppet Movie titled “The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made”

Gonzo and Fozzy were on hand signing autographs.  We waited over an HOUR to get ours.  Amazing.

Princess Style at D23

Andie, StylinOnline's Style MavenStylinOnline is all about style.  Everyone knows that.  But did you know that we have our very own STYLE MAVEN?  No?  Well we sure do.  How do you think we stay on top of the latest trends and ahead of the curve?  Enter Andie, StylinOnline’s very own Style Maven…

Andie jumped into one of the most popular events at D23.  The Disney Princess make over.  Lines we long.  Girls were giddy with glee.  Women were woozy waiting.  Hands down, one of the  most FUN you could have at D23.  Check out the pics James snapped.

StylinOnline Hits SoCal for Disney’s D23!

We’ve been thinking about D23, Disney’s very own conventions, all summer.  A weekend of all Disney and Disney owned properties was sure to be something to behold.  And let us tell you, after just a few hours we were pretty sure we NEED to set up and bring the StylinOnline Experience to D23 in 2010.

These are just the FIRST of a number of picture galleries we’ll have from the show.  Check back and make sure you see what we saw…

StylinOnline’s Fan Expo Wrapup!

fan_expo_1WOW was Fan Expo busy.   How busy you ask?  Well, the first hour of the show saw three AWESOME fans walk away with TEN t-shirts EACH.  Yeah, THAT busy!

It was packed wall to wall with fans & stars alike and it sure felt like just about EVERYONE stopped buy the StylinOnline booth to check us out.  The show’s attendance was up 28%, 37% & 55% on Friday, Saturday & Sunday respectively which is just staggering.

James Kyson Lee - Ando of HeroesOne of the highlights of the show for us was having HEROES star James Kyson Lee (Ando) stop by to check out the goods.  We snapped a quick pick of James & StylinOnline President James Stylin with our HEROES t-shirts.  Does it really get any cooler than that?  Oh wait it DOES!  Later that day James joined us for a meal and conversation at the Diamond Comics Distributors dinner.

We made a ton of our gracious hosts happy as they picked our racks bare.  Of course, the Green Lantern: Blackest Night t-shirts were very popular but we saw the horror and sci-fi t-shirts fly off the racks, too.

fan_expo_5Our trip to Fan Expo brought us some of the nicest and most gracious fans, customers and friends we have ever met.  We can’t thank each and everyone enough.  We’d also like to thank the Fan Expo staff, headed up by Aman Gupta for putting on another great show.  James and the StylinOnline Crew are already counting the days until we head back up to one of the best shows on the convention circuit.

Up next… Dragon*Con!

StylinOnline Brings it HUGE Selection to FAN EXPO

StylinOnline.com LogoWell, boys and girls we are finally here.  As of yesterday afternoon StylinOnline was set up and ready to rock all weekend long.  You see, one of the reasons we look forward to this show all year is that we get to head to Toronto and connect with our Canadian fans.

James Stylin, President and CEO of StylinOnline had this to say about Fan Expo.  “We love heading north of the border for Fan Expo.  Typically, a Canadian consumer can’t get the selection we have to offer without paying high international shipping rates.  It’s really satisfying to make so many people happy.”

If you are going to the show, make sure you stop by the StylinOnline booth, number 738 and check it out.  I bet, with our unbeatable selection of t-shirts and hoodies, you’ll find something you can’t live without.

StylinOnline.com SDCC Exclusive T-Shirt Designs

T-Shirt Super Heroes Team-Up to Battle Comic-Con 2009

San Diego, CA – Two of the comic book genre’s super heroes of t-shirts have joined forces to battle the ravenous retail shopping scourge that is Comic-Con 2009, the country’s leading comics and popular arts convention. Online mega-retailer StylinOnline.com has partnered with veteran t-shirt designers at Mad Engine to present twelve exclusive t-shirt designs available starting July 22 at Comic-Con booths 630, 215, 5129, 5345 and 5349.

San Diego, CA – July 20, 2009 — Two of the comic book genre’s super heroes of t-shirts have joined forces to battle the ravenous retail shopping scourge that is Comic-Con 2009, the country’s leading comics and popular arts convention.

Online mega-retailer StylinOnline.com has partnered with veteran t-shirt designers at Mad Engine to present twelve exclusive t-shirt designs available starting July 22 at Comic-Con booths 630, 215, 5129, 5345 and 5349.

The t-shirts include closely guarded art from the Marvel Comics Iron Man, titled “War Machine”, a Wolverine “Claw” design, Captain America “Re-Born”, and a super-hero grouping titled, “Comic Geeks”. Disney’s classic “Tron” has been included in the collection, as well as Kingdom Hearts “The Kingdom”, Power Rangers and a historical tribute to “A Christmas Carol”. Sony’s represented with the “Stay Puft Marshmallow” from the new Atari Ghostbuster’s video game and the classic video game “Contra” includes “Rapid Fire”. The collection also includes classics from Mighty Mouse and a new design for the Spring 2010 Disney movie, “Prince of Persia”.

James Stylin, President of StylinOnline.com is very excited for the upcoming encounter. “Comic-Con is a force to be reckoned with from a retailers perspective. There’s a lot of competition for the hearts and dollars of comic fans. This audience demands great art, and with expectations so high we wouldn’t go to battle with anything less than what the artists at Mad Engine give us consistently.”

Alby Amato, Mad Engine Founder and recipient of Marvels Comics first Lifetime Achievement Award agrees that fan expectations are high. “When we design a t-shirt for a fan it comes under great scrutiny for authenticity and uniqueness. We’re very proud of the new collection for Comic-Con, and of our partnership with StylinOnline.com”

Select shirt designs will be released prior to the show starting Tuesday, July 14 with additional designs released through the web site and social media including MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and TweetPhoto before the show start Wednesday, July 22. All of the t-shirts will be available at retail booths on-site at Comic-Con, as well as online at http://www.StylinOnline.com.

About StylinOnline.com:
Based in Michigan, StylinOnline.com is one of the largest retailers of licensed comic books, movie, TV, video game, music and pop culture t-shirts, sweatshirts, belt buckles and pop culture apparel for men, women, teens, juniors, and kids.

Botcon 2009 in Pasedena, CA with StylinOnline.com

BotCon was amazing!  There are so many good things to be said bout this years event.  First off, it was easily the most family friendly Transformer show that StylinOnline.com has ever set up shop at.  Moms, Dads, teens, toddlers, babies.  Everyone! 

The hall has to have been the biggest ever seen for BotCon.  Lots of great dealers & exhibitors.  Heavy hitter toy stores BigBadToyStore.com & TFSource.com were set up with great displays.  Hasbro’s display was HUGE!  Almost as large and intricate as they set up every year at San Diego Comic Con.  They had lots of figures on display and were primed for the release of the new movie toys!

“By far the best BotCon that StylinOnline.com has ever been to and I can’t wait until next year.  If you didn’t make it out to the show you missed out on a real winner!” said StylinOnline.comPresident and all around nice guy, James Cucchiara.

Here’s a peak at what the StylinOnline.com booth looked like.  Pics courtesy TFW2005.com!

Get Ready for E3!

E3 is next week.  Back to the glam of E3’s of old, the event will be jam packed with everything you want to know about what’s coming down the road in the video game industry.  From big announcements to the now classic ‘booth babes‘ E3 is a must follow event for gamers everywhere.

What better way to show your video game spirit than with a t-shirt or two from StylinOnline.com’s Video Game T-Shirt section.  From iconic Super Mario to the neo-classic Kingdom Hearts, Gears of War to World of Warcraft just about every game you can think of is represented.  Dive in and find your favorite today!

Terminator Salvation T-Shirts!

So here we are, just a few days from the release of Terminator Salvation starring Christian Bale (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight) as John Connor, humanity’s last hope.  Mix in a new cyborg-ish Terminator and what look like some pretty intense special effects and this flick looks like it will continue the blockbuster trend set for this summer. 

All that being said, make sure you take a look at our Terminator Salvation (and previous Terminator movies) t-shirts over at StylinOnline.com.