Big Bang Theory, “The Gorilla Experiment” – Oh my that’s a nice shirt Sheldon!

I always comment to my wife about the awesomeness of Sheldon’s shirts on the Big Bang Theory, and last night he was looking more spiffy then ever.


On Monday night’s episode of Big Bang Theory, Sheldon was wearing a Blackest Night: Violet Lantern T-Shirt (Follow that link if you want one). So the shot may not be the best, it is my camera phone, but you get the idea.

Another funny episode, as per usual. It’s nice to see Bernadette (aka Howard’s Girlfriend Bernadette) integrated into the group, and to see that she’s at least learned to identify Howard’s jokes, if not understand them, as that seemed a bigger stumbling block to the relationship than the Megan Fox issue. Simon Helberg had a great time playing a smug, content version of Howard, even if that was revealed to be a bit of a facade from a guy who’s still not secure about his ability to get and keep a woman.

And the Penny/Sheldon interaction was gold, as always. This was a really strong episode for Kaley Cuoco, from Penny’s playful taunting of Sheldon in the opening scene to Penny’s exasperation at Sheldon’s teaching methods.

While I’m at it, that’s not all I got for you guys. You remember this episode?

Guess what we just loaded to the site?


That’s right, it’s the The Big Bang Theory – The Friendship Algorithm T-Shirt! (I should also mention, it comes as a Juniors Tee also)

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