Seven Unicorn Clothing Articles You Need Today

image1We all know unicorns are the most perfectly wonderful magical creatures, and we all want to have a pet unicorn to take everywhere with us. But, until they show themselves to the world, you can fulfill your magical dreams by filling your closet with their mysterious splendor. Since you can’t cosplay every day, keep the magic alive by rocking some of the most awesome unicorn gear around. The rest of the magical creatures will envy you, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Continue reading Seven Unicorn Clothing Articles You Need Today

Fun Movie and Character Hat Logos for Women

In our grandmother’s day, women’s hats were very special items. Most women wore hats only at Easter time or on formal occasions. They certainly, unless they were tomboys, did not wear baseball caps or any other type of hat with a logo!

Today, however, fun logos on hats for women are fashionable.

Some of the most popular hats for women’s wear are now based on TV and comic book heroes. Wonder Woman, the Avengers, the Justice League, and even the villains and villainesses of the world of films and comics have become great ways to demonstrate a flair for the contemporary look for young and old alike.


superman hat

The classic Superman hat is a must-have to add some flair to an everyday outfit. A capital S logo on a bright blue hat with yellow and red details provides a simple yet powerful look. Piece it together with jeans and a tee shirt for a timeless ensemble that tells people that you’re on team Superman.

Harley Quinn

There’s nothing like the empowering presence of a woman super villain to show the world your edgy side. The trucker style hat shows the image of Harley’s face painted with her enticing and villainous grin. This hat is an ideal accessory to emphasize your confidence in a slightly intimidating way.


batman hat

A Batman logo with black and gray features outlined in yellow can be the perfect hat for a chic look. Bruce Wayne is notoriously known for his upscale and professional presence. Channel your inner Batman and put your best foot forward with this hat in your wardrobe.


The Robin hat showcases a green brim with a red background, and the yellow and black Robin logo on the front. Represent America’s greatest sidekick and give credit where it’s due. By wearing the Robin hat, you show that you’re an authentic fan who appreciates characters even if they’re not the main focus.

Captain America

Support a team that fights against the forces of evil when you wear a classic Captain America hat. Wearing a hat with the name of Captain America on it makes this hat a favorite among women and men. Also, the movie for Captain America: Civil War is currently very popular, which makes it easy for you to show up in style when wearing this hat.


Deadpool is infamously known for fighting against injustice from the mad scientist who gave him powers. This hat is definitely in style due to the recent release of the movie in which Ryan Reynolds plays a superhero with a twisted sense of humor. By rocking this hat, you can keep up with the ever-growing culture of comic books.


If the Avengers are your favorite superhero team, then this hat is a must-have. There are many versions of the hat for maximum customizing with your wardrobe. Specifically, the Age of Ultron Hawkeye Metal logo hat features a blend of dark purple, black, and silver for a very dynamic piece of apparel.


A black hat with a bright red spiderweb draped over the top is an easy way to add some gothic flare to your style. Spiderman is everyone’s favorite hero due to his good nature and drive to protect his loved ones. This hat is a classic addition to a massive fan base, and it will help you to continue to support Marvel, The Avengers, and, most of all: Peter Parker, aka Spiderman.


The classic Marvel vs. DC debate is a major part of the world of comic books. By choosing Marvel, you let people know where you stand. The upcoming movie for Dr. Strange will be the latest installment in the series of Marvel movies. With this hat, you can credit an entire population of passionate comic book fans.


incredible hulk hat

This green hat is convenient for showing off your favorite superhero, and it also functions as last-minute St. Patrick’s Day attire. Especially fitting if you’re someone with an explosive personality. Show off your inner strength by wearing this hat, and people will be made aware of your power.


Why so serious? This hat enables you to have a little fun with your outfit by wearing something crazier than a normal hat. Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker stood out as one of the best and, with this hat, you can honor a legendary villain. A combination of unsettling and intriguing makes sure the character on this hat will turn heads!

Iron Man

The ominous glare from the legendary Iron Man paints the front of this hat with a combination of yellow and red. It is no secret that Iron Man is well known; he even has his own anthem by the old-school heavy metal band Black Sabbath. Throw this hat into your everyday attire to proudly show your affiliation with a resilient superhero that knows no limits when there is danger around.

Final Thoughts

There is no reason to wear a plain, solid, or striped hat when you can have one that sports a logo. Fun and whimsical, a hat with a logo of your favorite superhero can add a bit of style and individuality to your outfit.