Celebrities Who Rock Graphic Tees

We have a habit of looking to our celebrities for the latest fashion trends … and they aren’t sending us to the big name designers anymore. This summer, stock up on the timeless staple: a retro graphic tee. Or just dig through your closet—chances are you probably own at least a couple already!

You may think that you’ve outgrown your concert shirts or tees with witty slogans you used to love … but celebrities like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart, and Joe Jonas would beg to differ. They can frequently be spotted sporting their favorite versions around town and sometimes to the red carpet.

So, get sifting through your drawers or head to a nearby thrift shop. What better way to show your personality than by rocking a design with your favorite band, an up and coming or traditional favorite superhero, or a familiar face?

Right now, it’s vintage band tees that are stealing the spotlight. Models such as Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are paying tribute to their favorite rock bands with vintage tees displaying cartoonish graphics that look like they came from the 60s. You can dress the tee up with a fun pair of pants, or hit the music festivals with your best jean shorts and studded rocker boots. Best of all, you can start a conversation when you combine your awesome taste in music with your stellar wardrobe.

Nail the look: Find a black or white tee featuring a popular 60s band such as The Beatles or The Rolling Stones. Cut the ends of the shirt to make a crop top with fringe, or take scissors to the sleeves and opt for a one shoulder look. Tuck your shirt into a pair of same colored shorts, and loop a silver or gold belt over them to divide the pieces. Wear with booties and colorful accessories.

Superhero movies are a staple, and lately they’ve become one of the most popular and profitable movie franchise. Taking your date or a group of friends to the movies is the perfect occasion to wear a new superhero tee, and make it look fun and casual. These designs already come with a punch of color, so you only need a good pair of jeans and minimal accessories.
image1Nail the look: Head to the theaters in your Wonder Women tee. Go for comfort when you pair it with some jean shorts, red tennis shoes, and long socks, or look cute in your favorite pair of jeans, a red jacket, and black flats.

Some celebrities have chosen to “troll us” by wearing a shirt with their own face on it. Take a page from their book and wear your favorite stars, or make a statement when you represent the candidate who has your vote in the upcoming election. Miley and Katy are doing it.

Nail the look: Go for a sophisticated look when you sport Lady Gaga’s face with a simple blazer, black pants, a standout pair of heels, and minimal accessories.

image218 More Ways to Wear It

  • Throw a blazer over it, match your pants to the tee, and separate them with a belt.
  • Give your outfit a theme by pairing it with colorful a nd cool accessories.
  • Dress it up with a maxi skirt and cool hat or headband.
  • Top off your look with a leather jacket, black sunglasses, and trendy jewelry.
  • Make a simple tee pop when you pair it with a big colorful purse and stacks of matching bracelets.
  • Ditch traditional jean shorts in favor of some colored ones and a pair of booties.
  • image3Wear shorts, tennis shoes, and long socks for a sporty look.
  • Look fierce with a fur jacket or some sparkles.
  • Tuck into a pencil skirt and pair with heels.
  • Pair with jeans or black pants to let the shirt shine.
  • Wear a jean jacket and some thigh high socks.
  • Grab a floppy hat and a suspender skirt for your day out.
  • If it’s a crop top, dig out some high-waisted shorts and hipster glasses.
  • On colder days, opt for a cardigan, a beanie, and hip leather pants.
  • When fall comes around, add layers to the look with a plain long sleeve dress shirt.
  • Take it to school with a plaid skirt and some tights.
  • Try a beanie, an oversized jacket, or stand out socks.
  • When all else fails, stick to the classics. Your tee will always look good with some jeans and a good pair of flats.

You can take this look to work, to class, on a date, or to lounge around the house. Rocking a graphic tee like a celebrity is trendy and affordable!