Doctor Who Nyan TARDIS Hoodie

Doctor Who Anime + 50th Anniversary

I found this on Reddit today and couldn’t resist posting it here. It’s 13 minutes of the completed fake Doctor Who 80s-style anime and it’s glorious.

Also, did you guys know the 50th anniversary of the first episode of Doctor Who is quickly approaching! “An Unearthly Child” aired on November 23, 1963 and the 50th Anniversary special will play on November 23, 2013.


This week, five decades ago, the cast and crew of Doctor Who were busy gearing up for episode one, An Unearthly Child, which would be recorded on Friday 27 September. While the actors rehearsed in the less-than-glamorous Drill Hall in Uxbridge Road, London W12, the BBC design team and set builders were constructing the sets according to this floorplan at nearby Lime Grove Studios.

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Doctor Who Nyan TARDIS Hoodie
Doctor Who Nyan TARDIS Hoodie

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