George Kirk to play Thor?

Marvel Comics New Thor

It seems rumors are all over the web today about the Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth being in final negotiations to play the big screen adaptation of the Marvel Comics character Thor.

If you’re unfamiliar with the story of Thor, he’s a hammer wielding Norse God who’s been banished to earth by his father Odin (king of the Norse gods) to teach him about humility and humanity. You see, Thor happens to like us little people and joins up with the Avengers to defend us from time to time.

Speaking of Avengers, I guess this means we know who will be playing the character in Marvel’s planned Avengers film in 2012. Unless he botches up the role and Marvel does a recast (Punisher, Sabertooth, Beast, uhh Hulk)

Hemsworth will also take the role originally played by Patrick Swayze in the remake of Red Dawn… a classic from 1984 and if you haven’t seen it you’d better get on it now before the Russians attack by commuter jets and you’re unrepaired.

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