Heroes Is Not Dead Yet, 5th Season May Be On The Way

Heroes has had its ratings ups and downs this season, but lately, they’ve been all down. Since the new year it’s had adults 18-49 ratings of 2.2, 2.1, 1.8 and 1.9. The word was it would take some really super powers to get its ratings back enough to save it from being canceled. With the last episode the shows ratings came in at a 2.0, and didn’t really pick up any lost ground. Now with Heroes “failing to see a bounce” for its story’s climax and the show getting 4.4 million viewers, barely beating the 4.3 million who tuned into Jay Leno’s almost-final 10 PM show things looked rather gloomy for the sci fi action drama.

That is till all the these little rumors started to leak out.

First: The show now has 77 episodes, and one more season would bring it up to the magic number of 100 episodes, allowing it to run in syndication forever.

Second: I read someplace (and now my memory is failing me) that Heroes does extremely well DVD sales and has a decent following overseas. I can saw from the States perspective that I do know a few friends that still watch the show and really enjoy is (I myself still have 2 shows on my DVR to catch up).

Last, when Comcast announced it was buying NBC/Universal, CEO Brian Roberts “gave a verbal shout-out” to Heroes on the investor conference call, but to be fair he also did that for 30 Rock and House.

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