Iron Man Lives T Shirt Sheer

Just In: Marvel Comics Iron Man Lives Tee

Taken from the very historic ‘Tales of Suspense’, this brand new Iron Man Lives Tee is soon to be a classic here at Stylin Online.

Iron Man Lives T Shirt Sheer
Iron Man Lives T Shirt Sheer

Synopsis –
In a closely guarded lab, Anthony ‘Tony’ Stark shows off a new invention to US military defense officials. He has developed transistorized magnets that are super-powerful; strong enough to pull open a thick metal door from a distance. They increase magnetic force a thousandfold! Stark impresses the military brass with his new inventions, while at the same time impressing the ladies of the international jet set with his dashing good looks and incredible personal wealth.

Across the globe, the evil Red tyrant Wong-Chu takes over another small village in Vietnam, defeating its strongest men in contests of judo. Meanwhile, Tony Stark has arrived in Vietnam to observe the testing of one of his new inventions for the US military. Accompanying a squad of soldiers equipped with his weaponry on a patrol through the jungle, he accidentally triggers a tripwire that detonates a landmine. The wounded Stark is captured by Wong-Chu’s forces and taken to their nearby headquarters. Wong-Chu realizes his prisoner is a “famous Yankee inventor” and decides that he will put him to work in service of the Communist insurgency even though doctors determine the young inventor only has days to live before “shrapnel reaches his heart.”

You know the rest…

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