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Next Xbox Official Reveal Set For May 21 [Updated]

According Game Informer, Microsoft’s next Xbox console will be revealed on May 21st!

Game Informer has just received word that Microsoft is about to send out invitations for an unveiling event for the next Xbox. According to our source, which has asked for anonymity, the proceedings will take place on May 21 in Redmond, Washington. While the presentation will be held in an intimate setting, it will be streamed live on Xbox.com, Xbox Live, and Spike TV in the US and Canada. We are looking forward to finding out the truth about the rumors swirling around the next-generation hardware, specifically whether the console will require a constant internet connection.

X-Box T-Shirt  - Just $7.99
X-Box T-Shirt

UPDATE: The event is confirmed, it’s 10 a.m. on May 21st and will focus on their vision for Xbox. Games will be shown at E3 19 days later.

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