Nintendo Switch has Surpassed 52 Million Lifetime Sales!

Nintendo NES Controller Schematic T-Shirt
Nintendo NES Controller Schematic T-Shirt

CNET is reporting:

“Nintendo has sold 52.48 Switches since its 2017 launch, its quarterly earnings report revealed Thursday, bringing it beyond the Super Nintendo Entertainment System’s (SNES) 49.1 million lifetime sales. Before the holidays, the hybrid console had sold 41.67 million units, meaning it saw a jump of 10.81 million over the last quarter.

Beating the SNES makes it the Japanese company’s third-most-popular console. It has yet to topple the NES’ 61.91 million sales and the Wii’s 101.63 million. The Wii is the fourth best-selling console overall — Sony’s PS2 is the most successful with sales of 155 million.

A more detailed breakdown shows that, of the 52.48 million Switches sold, the standard version of the console made up 47.3 million units and the more compact, portable-only Switch Lite (which came out in September 2019) sold 5.19 million units.

Nintendo sold more than 830,000 Switches in the US over the Thanksgiving weekend alone, it said last month.”