ARTIST ALLEY TEES & B’lockhouse Present Artist Alley Tees

Phil Hester, Tim Seeley, Art Baltazar, Nei Ruffino, K. Lynn Smith… Three Themes. Kick Ass Comic Shirts

ARTIST ALLEY TEES is a simple concept. We pick the comic artists you love, give them some themes that are all the current rage, and set them loose designing their own tees.

For this inaugural launch we have Zombies, Robots and yup, giant “Kaiju” monsters!

We envision an apparel brand where in the future you’ll be able to find AA Tees at the convention table of your favorite artist, at our own comic-con booths, and online. But after each run, when shirts are gone they’re gone, just like a limited edition variant cover.

And what a group of artists we have to kick it off!

By pledging you’ll also be getting a discount, as these shirts will carry a higher cost at retail due to the manufacturing process and low runs – a reward for your support in helping make this possible.

Why should sneakerheads have all the fun camping out overnight, waiting for a new pair of Jordans? We can give them a run for their money.

Artist Alley Tees understands comics, and what makes them special. That’s why we’re adding awesome random rewards like sketches on the hang tags, awesome packaging embellishments you’ll want to keep, and even bagging and boarding some of these babies to keep them, you know, in mint condition 🙂

We are still deciding on the specific T-shirt brand, and are leaning towards Tultex Fine or a similar, high quality brand. May vary slightly depending on the printing process for a specific design.


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