Supergirl Attire for Supergirl Fans

Supergirl is a timeless and legendary superhero who has impressed fans for generations. Originally created to be a counterpart to Superman’s well-known character, Supergirl has defied the odds and become a unique character in her own right. Many different versions of Supergirl have emerged over the years, but the most famous and beloved is Superman’s cousin, Kara Zor-El, a strong and independent superhero whose only weakness is the dreaded Kryptonite.

Background and History

Kara was the final survivor of the crash of Argo City, the only remaining city to survive the Kryptonite explosion. She grew up there with her parents, who are Superman’s aunt and uncle, until another family member damaged the city and ultimately caused its destruction. When her family realized the planet was in danger, they sent her to Earth in a rocket ship to escape their same peril.

Kara Zor-El is older than Superman, and was assigned to be his protector when their planet exploded and he was just a baby. However, her spaceship was caught in Kryptonite where she remained locked for many years. During this time, Superman had been on Earth for numerous years and had already fully grown up before she joined him there.

When Kara came to Earth, she took the name of Linda Lee and moved into an orphanage to further conceal her identity and gain control over her powers. She was later adopted by a family, and attended high school and college, dating numerous boys along the way. Kara held many different jobs after her graduation, but ultimately she began focusing on the development and use of her superpowers.

Supergirl’s Powers

To protect herself and those around her, Kara originally hid and contained her powers until she was sure she could fully control them, following the advice Superman gave her. Supergirl’s powers are very similar to those of her cousin Superman, and include the ability to fly, incredible strength, amazing speed, and invulnerability. Other powers she possesses are x-ray vision, superhuman hearing, and microscopic vision. Supergirl was officially recruited into the Justice League and continued to use her powers for the good of others.

The Supergirl Costume

It is clear that Supergirl is someone who is deserving of great respect and admiration. Her caretaking of others, physical strength, and sharp mind have become a symbol of femininity and justice worldwide. Her iconic costume is very similar to that of Superman’s, and is wildly popular and commonly seen all over the world.

Supergirl Women’s T-Shirts

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The Supergirl TV Logo Ladies T-Shirt is simple and classic. With a royal blue background and red and yellow lettering, this shirt is the classic and officially recognized Supergirl symbol worldwide. This shirt is perfect if you’re looking for an understated shirt that still gets the message across about the shirt recognizing Supergirl and promoting her character.

The Supergirl Dream Girl T-Shirt comes with a solid colored white background and a full-color image of Kara Zor-El or Supergirl depicted on the front. In this shirt Kara’s hair is its original and natural blonde color, rather than concealed by her brunette wig as part of her disguise.  This shirt portrays Kara in an attractive and sexy way, and features the classic stripes and stars of the American flag behind her.

Supergirl Baby Doll T-Shirts

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The Supergirl #1 Baby Tee makes a bold statement. This shirt has a black background and features a depiction of Supergirl in flight. Around her are burning comets, but she clearly continues to stay strong and be able to complete and continue her mission regardless of the situation. This shirt is an excellent example of the powers Supergirl possesses, and it leaves a lasting impression on all who view it.

The Supergirl Costume Baby Tee is similar to the Supergirl TV Logo Ladies T-Shirt because they both feature the classic Supergirl logo in the traditional colors of blue, red, and yellow. This shirt features slightly brighter colors, as well as the iconic Supergirl belt placed at the base of the shirt to symbolize her entire suit. This shirt is classified as a baby doll t-shirt because it is slightly more form fitting than the average t-shirt, making it even more attractive and feminine for all who wear it.

Supergirl Pajamas

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In the summer months, the Supergirl Suit Cami and Shorts Junior Pajama Set is the perfect pair of pajamas to sleep in every night. These pajamas are in two separate parts, the Supergirl tank top and shorts to match. The bright colors and authenticity with the official Supergirl logo make them fun to wear, and they are extremely comfortable and soft. Additionally, the straps of the tank top are adjustable to make sure it fits well.

During the winter, the Supergirl Long Sleeve Junior Pajama Set is an excellent choice. This two- piece set will keep you warm with long sleeves and full-length pants. Most importantly, the Supergirl logo is clearly depicted on the front, forming a wonderful pajama set featuring a legendary and inspiring character, and is perfect for any Supergirl fan.