Superhero New Releases in 2017

Superhero new releases in 2017

Mankind’s fascination with superheroes is not new. From King Arthur to Batman, we have always gravitated toward those with amazing, supernatural powers. We seem to revive them in times of historic turmoil.

Captain America was born in the flames of the Second World War. The X-Men were born right at the gates of the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. Superhero women paved the way for little girls and boys to grow as equals in the 21st century.Man revealing superhero costume beneath suit

There is a constant connection between our society and our superheroes. Everything that’s good and evil in real life has been drawn in comic books and shot in movie scenes. And, now, as the world is changing before our eyes, we revive our superheroes with more ardor and hope than ever.

What extraordinary men and women are we to look up to in the next 12 months? Below is a list of superhero new releases in 2017.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride, because we’re in for some real super-treats this year!

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Logan:  March 2017

Half of a frontal portrait of WolverineIn many ways,Wolverine is one of the most famous X-Men of all time. There are many reasons to love this dark, postmodern hero. He was born different, lived a life of torment for it, and, to top it off, he has an impossible love story to deal with, too.

Always a lone wolf, Logan is one of our biggest likes. He is deeply embedded in the Marvel universe – and always there, in our souls, too.

As excited as we are about the upcoming movie, we are also saddened by the fact this will be the last time Hugh Jackman puts on the Wolverine costume. Of course, we are more than certain the Marvel movie producers will find a great replacement for him – but, nevertheless, Jackman’s interpretation of the famous superhero will stay with us forever.

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Power Rangers:  March 2017

As 90s millennials are changing the world from their smartphones, the Power Rangers are preparing for a fabulous comeback – this time on the big screens. Probably one of the biggest newcomers to the superhero movie convoy, Power Rangers is all about those who want to return to childhood and their teen years.Power rangers in costume, posing on red carpet

There’s something undoubtedly nostalgic about the bright-colored spandex suits, the voices, the plot, and the very narrative of Power Rangers. So, if you’re among those who watched the four super-teens as you grew up, you will love to see this movie in March.

As a super-bonus, Zordon will be played by none other than Bryan Cranston – so, in terms of cast and acting, the new Power Rangers movie is expected to be more than simply great.  

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Ghost in the Shell:  March 2017

If you loved Scarlett Johansson as an Avenger, you will definitely love seeing her playing another superhero. Ghost in the Shell is inspired by a Japanese Manga with the same name, making it one of the first superhero movies to come from the Far East straight onto the Hollywood screens. This movie is expected to be surprising and different – especially as compared to the Marvel and DC Comics releases.

As a bonus, Scarlett will play the main character in the upcoming Paramount Pictures production – making it even more interesting for her fans.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2:  May 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy was one of the nicest surprises coming from the Marvel Universe. Because it was generally acclaimed as a genuinely fun movie, it was only a matter of time before the second volume was released on the big screens.

Here we are, just six months left before the premiere of the second Guardians of the Galaxy adventure. We are more than positive the new movie will not let anyone down – especially since Marvel’s movies rarely do.

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Wonder Woman:  June 2017

Wonder Woman wielding a whipIf your curiosity has been stirred by Wonder Woman’s appearance in Batman vs. Superman, you’re in for a treat! In June 2017, DC Comics will release an entire movie dedicated to the extraordinary Amazonian woman we have all grown to both love and hate.

Yes, for those familiar with the entire history behind Wonder Woman, she may not always be the good girl. But she sure is a strong, determined woman with an immense love for humanity – probably more than any other character in the DC Comics universe.

Will we love the movie version of Wonder Woman or will we hate her? We’re genuinely curious to see Patty Jenkin’s view on one of the world’s most famous Amazonian princess!

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Transformers The Last Knight:  June 2017

Model of Bumblebee from Transformers movieAlready into its 5th sequel, Transformers is one of the oldest movie series to return to the screens this year. The Last Knight will have Optimus Prime searching for the Quintessons – the ones who supposedly created the Transformers to begin with. While Optimus is traveling through cosmos in search of the Transformers’ roots, a new alien threat will begin back home. This will bring Lennox (and probably Epps, too) back into the main stage.

Overall, The Last Knight is expected to be a success, especially with Anthony Hopkins as one of the cast members. We don’t know exactly what role he will play, and we still don’t have an official trailer to give us any hints. However, fans are waiting for the premiere, curious to see if the Transformers franchise can pick up its former glory and transform itself into a blockbuster again.

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Spider-Man Homecoming: July 2017

Captain America: Civil War was one of the biggest and most highly-acclaimed surprises of 2016. While everyone was expecting yet another good-guys-vs.-good-guys’ movie, people got more than they expected. In fact, they got a lot more, with Civil War being one of the very best superhero movies so far.

Not only did we get to see the classic Avengers on screen, but we also got to see a very young Spider-Man saving the day (plus an extra-fun bonus embodied Ant-Man). In every respect, Captain America: Civil War was a great hit.

Spiderman crouching down on floorWe’re expecting Spider-Man: Homecoming to be just as awesome. Beware, though: This is not your average Spider-Man movie. Judging by the cast, we’re all in for a super-treat again – especially since we’ll get to see more of the young Peter Parker and more of Tony Stark, too. We can’t wait to see the first trailer, which has all the chances to be another Marvel masterpiece!

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Thor Ragnarok: November 2017

Frequently dubbed as Thor 3, this movie is as highly-anticipated as it gets. We didn’t get to see much of Thor in the last Marvel movies, so we’re assuming this will be a good one. After all, it cannot be bad with a cast that includes Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Anthony Hopkins, Mark Ruffalo, and (brace yourself), Benedict Cumberbatch.

Love it or hate it, Dr. Strange is here to stay, as he becomes fully involved in the Marvel universe intricacies. If you consider Dr. Strange’s popularity on the big screens and add it to the great cast of Thor 3, you will most likely want to see this movie as soon as it comes out.

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Justice League: November 2017

This is it, the moment all DC Comics fans have been waiting for! Batman vs. Superman may have been a disappointment for some – but, as most DC Comics aficionados know, this was only the beginning of a beautiful superhero friendship.

Justice League promises awesomeness in its purest form. To show they mean business, DC Comics has already released the first special footage. By the looks of it, Justice League will feel a bit reminiscent of Captain America: Civil War. This is both good and bad news. Although we all loved the vibe of Captain American, the truth is that there’s a high chance Justice League will fail us just like Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad have done it in 2016.

We can all but hope DC Comics will go back on the glorious track we’ve all grown to love. Until then, you’ll have to go online to see some of the special Justice League footage.

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Honorable Mentions

We mentioned that 2017 is going to be a super year for superhero movie fans. And it is. With many new releases, sequels, and origin stories coming into our cinema schedules, we’re all more than excited to see what our favorite heroes have planned for us.

Although the following movies are not necessarily superhero productions in the fullest sense of the word, we do want to remind you of them. If you love the comic book universe, you will most likely love these, too:

Pow graphic bullet pointThe Lego Batman Movie: February 2017

Batman lego figureAdorable and action-packed at the same time, LEGO animated movies are deeply appreciated by comic book fans. You have all the reasons to love them: They usually line up great actors, great music, and a great plotline as well. Plus, there’s the added wow factor of seeing LEGO toys come to life – a real gift for children of all ages.

The Lego Batman Movie comes as a spin-off the 2014 animated feature.

While we may not have gotten much of Joker in this year’s Suicide Squad, we might see more of him in the Lego Movie. Furthermore, we will also see Harley Quinn, Batgirl, and even Robin himself. Add this to a healthy dose of humor, and the movie is considered quite a success before it’s even released.

Pow graphic bullet pointKingsman The Golden Circle: June 2017

Although Kingsman is not a superhero movie, per se, it can be inscribed in the same wide category. The Golden Circle comes three years after the original Kingsman was released. Judging by the success of the first movie, we can predict the second one will be largely popular, too – especially in the superhero fandom.

As a new villain rises, both Eggsy and Merlin must work with Statesman (an American agency) to save the world. Sure, there’s not much else we know about the upcoming sequel – but the release date is confirmed, and the cast looks quite interesting, so it is more than likely nobody will be disappointed.

Pow graphic bullet pointFantastic Four 2

There are still rumors Fantastic Four 2 is not fully dead. However, given the first movie’s box office disaster, there’s little chance we will see the four superheroes back on the big screens again. It’s a pity, though – it might have been a good one this time.

Pow graphic bullet pointMiller’s Justice League: Mortal (documentary)

In 2009, George Miller wanted to direct a movie called Justice League: Mortal. The production met a lot of issues along the way and was completely canceled.

Still, it was not completely left to rot in oblivion. It is assumed that, in 2017, a documentary will be released to reveal the details behind this movie.

The exact release date is not yet certain. Initially, it was thought it was going to be released in 2016, and now rumors say the date has been postponed to 2017. However, IMDB cites 2018 as the release year of this documentary.

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From all points of view, there’s a lot hanging in the balance in 2017. First, there’s the question of whether DC Comics will finally manage to return to its former success, and how much longer will Marvel manage to keep our attention? Is the consumer burnt out with the superhero genre? (The studios don’t think so, as Marvel has eight superhero movies scheduled for release in the next three years.)

Four superhero lego figures

Unlikely that is the case. With the surge of comic book lovers’ audiences ready for geek-centric movies, and the popularity of shows like The Big Bang Theory, superheroes are here to stay. At least for now.   

Furthermore, there’s also the question of whether Scarlett Johansson will do well in the main superhero role. Add all this to the fact that we’re finally going to see Aquaman on the big screens, and 2017 is going to be a true joyride for all superhero movie addicts.

Will the next year excite our passion for superheroes, or will it be the year the fandoms split? We’re more than eager to see what Hollywood has prepared for us!