Swamp Thing’ Canceled After 1 Week!

This is a shame because it really is rather good.

“Just six days after its debut on DC Universe, Swamp Thing has been canceled.

Only one episode of the series has aired on DC Universe. The remainder of the show’s 10-episode run will play out on the streaming platform, but it won’t return after that.

The cancellation follows the series having its order cut from 13 to 10 episodes, with sources telling The Hollywood Reporter that creative differences were the cause of the reduced run. There are also questions about the role of the year-old DC Universe in parent company WarnerMedia’s larger streaming plans.

Swamp Thing stars Crystal Reed (Abby Arcane), a CDC scientist who returns to her Louisiana hometown to investigate a strange disease ravaging the bayous. Andy Bean plays Alec Holland, with Derek Mears as Alec’s Swamp Thing alter ego. ” – Hollywood Reporter has the full scoop.

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Swamp Thing Logo T Shirt