Have you seen “HBO’s ‘The Pacific’?”

After seeing our Facebook post “Best Alien Movie – ever!” I started to think of some other top 5s with the other guys and we inevitability came to “Top 5 War Movies” (cause we are guys and I honestly think that was the second one we brought up).

Anyway I was going over my list, Saving Private Ryan, Band Of Brothers, Black Hawk Down, Tora Tora Tora, Apocalypse Now and some other warmonger movies when I was asked, “How happy are you that they are making a Band of Brothers 2?”. I honestly had no idea, so after looking around and some sold 2 minutes of research I found this:

Then on YouTube I found some brand new stuff:

The Pacific” has reportedly a budget around $200 million which, if correct, would almost certainly make it the most expensive TV project of all time. The new mini has quite a legacy to live up to when it debuts on March 15th. Though its initial post-9/11 run on HBO was relatively lackluster, “Band of Brothers” kept gathering fans as the years passed including myself. Runs on basic cable networks such as History Channel followed. The DVD set for “Brothers” still manages to float into the top ranks of Amazon’s best-selling DVDs (and is currently selling great in Blu-ray).

I can’t wait to add this to my top 10!