Neill Blomkamp Rumored to Possibly Direct Halo TV Series Pilot

Neill Blomkamp, director of District 9 and Elysium, might direct the pilot for the upcoming Halo TV show being produced by Xbox Entertainment Studios and Steven Spielberg according to Continue reading Neill Blomkamp Rumored to Possibly Direct Halo TV Series Pilot

Halo 4 Announced, Original ‘Halo’ Gets Makeover

Microsoft hit the ground running this E3 with two huge announcements, the first (one of the worst kept secrets, but atleast they confirmed it) Halo 4 was indeed on the way, and that it would start a brand new trilogy in the series. The second, and I think we knew this was on the way also, is the original Halo: Combat Evolved would be getting a makeover to enhance the visuals with today‚Äôs technologies. Continue reading Halo 4 Announced, Original ‘Halo’ Gets Makeover

Live Action Halo: ODST Trailer

So far everybody that has seen this new Halo trailer has the same response, it’s pure awesome wrapped up in bacon made into a short movie!

Also, I now some people asked what language is that, so I did some looking and found a transcript of the trailer.

(translated from Russian) {The video starts at Stark’s funeral proceedings. Tarkov is seen in the background.}

UNSC Officer: Present arms!

{Marines raised their assault rifles.}

UNSC Officer: Fire!

{The video then skips to Tarkov who apparently joined the ODST, having his head shaven by an officer. The video then skips to a scene where a group of men stood in a file. The UNSC Officer yells in front of Tarkov.}

UNSC Officer: “We are ODSTs!”

{The scene changes to an obstacle course. Tarkov performs a commando crawl and a UNSC Officer follows him, yelling.}

UNSC Officer: “Do you want to die? Do you! Faster! Go go go!”

{As Tarkov took a dive in the obstacle course, the scene changes to him being dropped into an unknown planet. Several HEVs are seen. As soon as he hit the ground, his HEV’s chute opened. Tarkov along with several other ODSTs fire their SMGs. A Brute Minor knocked Tarkov to the ground, knocking his helmet off. The Brute growls at him and soon after died after a Banshee struck down by a rocket hit the Brute from behind. Tarkov, lying on the mud, stared at the open space. The scene changes to a funeral proceeding with Tarkov, now looking older, along with several other ODSTs standing beside him. A song sung in Gaelic fills the background.}

The Song sung in Gaelic: “And my army of brothers went over the hilltops, drenched in blood we may be… but fighting is all left to me… Together with my army of brothers… down we fall… darkness in all… through hell!”

First Halo Legends Anime Images Plus Q & A


The new Halo anime project set announced at ComicCon on Thursday seems to already have some images out.

Also Newsarama has a great Q and A up:

-A question about upcoming prequel game Halo: Reach was sidestepped, as it is a Bungie project.

-The infamous Halo 2 and 3 Alternate Reality Games (e.g. I Love Bees) will be referenced in Halo: Legends, but O’Connor won’t say how

-A fan wants another game with Master Chief, O’Connor says he’ll be in Halo: Legends at least.

Other Spartans? Yes, including females, and some Spartan back story

-A request for info about Master Chief’s fate post-Halo 3 was denied, and Halo: Legends will only touch on the subject.

-A follow-up about secondary characters and O’Connor let the fans know that they are important to them and will be respected.

-Casting of Halo: Legends will be announced in the future; nothing ready to announce yet

-A real Marine requested a better showing for his future counterparts. O’Connor said they will give it their all, but may not be successful.

-Anime dubbed or subbed? Both with other language subtitle options available.

-Will the Covenant’s story be told? Yes, O’Connor says their story is important and will have their own segment

-A fan asked about a frame of Halo: Legends that showed an elite dressed as a samurai. O’Connor said it’s part of I.G’s “Duel” (working title) episode.

-A sharp eyes fan noticed that some of the existing multiplayer maps make an appearance in the Halo: Legends Trailer. O’Connor says those are Easter eggs and there is more to it.

-Was the Halo Encyclopedia used in making Halo: Legends? It is a separate project, but info was available to the anime studios

-The asking price for Halo: Legends has not be decided on

-Will more mature Halo material be made available in the future? O’Connor says Halo: Legends will at parts be dark and violent.

-One fan remembers when Halo: ODST was said to be the last game. O’Connor jokingly blames Bungie

-What year is Halo: Reach going to be set? Although Bungie wasn’t present, the panel answered this one: 2552

-Bring back Marathon? O’Connor: No plans.

-Halo: Chronicles with Peter Jackson (The oft-mentioned live action film)? O’Connor: No news.

-Will the events of recent real time strategy game Halo Wars be included within Halo: Legends? Yes, everything is canon and interconnected…except the Toei segment.

With that, O’Connor closed out the panel by running the trailer once again to leave fans aching for more.

Bungie Leaked HALO: Reach (New Xbox 360 Game)

Bungie may have leaked a new Halo game for the 360. With the big media blitz for ‘Halo 3: ODST‘ coming later today Bungie updated the forums to add ODST, it seems however they also added HALO: Reach with it (then pulled it down).

The internet doesn’t lie, Skoar has the full story plus the cashed pages.

Coming back to the subject of Halo: Reach, although the threads have been deleted there still exists a few cached pages of this rumored game/project in development by Bungie/Spawnpoint Studios and Microsoft Game Studios.

And for those who don’t read the Halo books, a little info on ‘Reach’

The view on the forward screen zoomed in- jumped and refocused on planet Reach.
Twenty thousand kilometers from the planet, a cluster of a hundred UNSC ships collected at rally point Zulu: destroyers, frigates, three cruisers, two carriers-and three refit and repair stations hovering over them . . . waiting to be used as sacrificial shields.

The scene blinked and transferred to the approaching Covenant fleet. There were so many ships Captain Keyes couldn’t estimate their numbers.
“How many?” he asked.
“I count three hundred fourteen Covenant ships, Captain,” Cortana replied.

The Covenant ships accelerated toward Reach. The fleet at rally point Zulu fired their MAC guns and missiles. The orbital Super MAC guns opened fire as well-twenty streaks of white hot metal burned across the night. The Covenant answered by launching a salvo of plasma torpedoes at the orbital guns-so much fire in space that it looked like a solar flare. Deadly arcs of flame and metal raced through space and crossed paths.
The engines of the three refit stations flared to life and the plate like ships moved toward the path of the flaming vapor.