New Overwatch Classic Logo Tee

Overwatch Classic Logo T-Shirt
Overwatch Classic Logo T-Shirt

Show the world needs heroes when you wear this cool Overwatch t shirt! The Overwatch Classic Logo T-Shirt is black. The front features the title logo and emblem from the videogame Overwatch in white and gold hues, while the back has the title logo for the game’s maker, Blizzard Entertainment, in white letters. “Begin Your Watch!” with the new Overwatch Classic Logo T-Shirt.

Blizzard Announces Overwatch


Notes from panel:

  • First person – teambased FPS.
  • Beta – 2015
  • 6v6 team compositions
  • Payload and Capturepoint(territories) maps
  • No Team Death Match
  • Slower death than current military shooters
  • non-twitch shooter style characters
  • “Hero focused. not role focused”
  • Hero Swap on Death

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