StarCraft II Season 2 Begins!

Well StarCraft season 2 is here and after my placement games (you get one placement match, doesn’t seem to mean much) I’m still stuck on Gold in 1v1 all the way to 4v4. I shouldn’t say stuck, I still in the top 8 in two of my gold leagues so at least I get that fancy new badge with a star. Still it’s sort of odd telling people your in the top 8 when I have three leagues above me (Platinum, Diamond, and Master).

Oh and if you missed the announcement, here it is:

The second StarCraft II League season has begun! Bonus pools and standings have been reset. If you’ve already been placed in a league, you’ll only need to play one placement match to kick off the new season.

Season 1 milestone rewards have also been granted to players. You can see your results in-game in the Leagues and Ladders section.

The StarCraft II Grandmaster League is coming in two weeks.

From that same post I found this, seemed pretty informative –

1) Your league this season is based on last season. Losing your 1 placement will likely not send you from diamond to bronze.
2) Your placement results have NOTHING to do with your score, only whether you won or lost.
3) Since release, people who had a rough time getting some wins in the ladder have probably stopped playing, therefore, there will be an inevitable shift downward for most people still playing. There are less people worse than you, but the same amount of players of higher skill.
4) Losses were removed in attempt to prevent this. Most players (save Masters) SHOULD be around 1-1 W/L ratio, because the matchmaking is meant to prevent streaking, and should you go on a streak, the system will place you against players it thinks will make you streak in the opposite direction.

Oh and I’m still rocking my StarCraft Terran shirt, but I’ll admit I’ve been playing more and more Protoss (mostly cause they have cooler achievement avatars).

Starcraft 2 Terran T Shirt
Starcraft 2 Terran T Shirt