The Best Fan Gear for Music Fans

Music fans around the globe have two things in common: Their love for music and their love for their music-related gear! All fans love to connect with their music through memorable attire. Half the fun of being a fan of good music comes from searching for and finding fantastic apparel and accessories to demonstrate your passion for your favorite artist or band. Well, search no more! Here is some of the best gear for all of you music lovers out there.


Pink Floyd graphic tee shirt

An obvious start on this journey is the t-shirt. Ever since the inception of graphic tees, music fanatics have been expressing their devotion to their beloved band or artist by sporting a specially designed tee. Music tees are commonplace at concerts, but fanatics everywhere can find this classic piece of attire online because every music fan needs some shirts to express their love for all things music.

There are a few basics every fan needs in their collection. For starters, there is the Pink Floyd Dark Side of The Moon Tee. This is an iconic shirt everybody, young and old, has in their closet. The album topped the charts, back in its day, and the merchandise remains popular today.

For hip-hop lovers, a happening shirt is J. Cole 2014 Forest Hills Drive. Many people are rocking this album on lots of different apparel.


Bullet for my valentine wallet

Every hardcore metal fan has a cool wallet to show their love for their favorite metal or screamo band or for the genre itself. If you love headbanging to Your Betrayal, you should consider the Bullet for My Valentine Stripes Wallet to show your appreciation for this band. There are plenty of other types of wallets besides the ones with band logos on them to show you are a member of this energetic community. Such items as chain wallets, spike wallets, and wallets with “bullet holes” also suffice.

Baby Clothes

Johnny Cash baby onesie

Yes, you can even dress your baby boy or girl in clothes with your favorite artist’s logo. Most of them are incredibly adorable with baby-related puns that will have you saying “awwww” every time you see your little munchkin in them. This Johnny Cash Crawl the Line snapsuit is a perfect example of how cute these little outfits are.


Bob Marley rasta beanie with tassels

Beanies are a definite must-have for music lovers. Concerts, festivals, and other music events happen throughout the year. What better way to keep your head warm in the cold weather than with a commemorative beanie? This Bob Marley Rasta Beanie is a great start. It works for all types of music events, as well, considering Bob Marley’s major impact in the music industry. If this one is not for you, there are lots of other bands and musicians with their logos on beanies.

Posters and Framed Art

Jimi Hendrix artwork poster

A big part of being a music enthusiast is stressing your love for your favorite artists and bands. Add some love to your crib with posters and framed artwork of your favorite bands and artists. Art is a great way to add some musical flair to your humble abode while displaying your support for a specific artist.


Rush hoodie in black

Hoodies are another winter must-have for music lovers. Why not snag a few that show your music appreciation? This Rush Starman Hoodie is a solid start. This iconic album, Starman, has been a highlight of this band’s merchandise for years. Another great one is the Blink-182 Bored to Death Hoodie! The song that resurrected a legendary band illustrated and slapped on a hoodie. Can’t get much better than that!


Insane Clown Posse belt buckle

If you know anything about fashion, you know accessorizing is an important step in completing your look. Accessories come in all sorts of different categories that range from ball caps to shoelaces. Belt buckles like this Insane Clown Posse buckle are all the craze in the music scene. They grant you some flair, and they are a popular accessory.

Earrings are also excessively popular. For example, Rolling Stones Earrings are punk rock and fashionable. Necklaces, bracelets, guitar picks, headphones—the options are limitless when it comes to accessories.

Final Drum Roll

Every music fan has their favorite genres, subgenres, bands, and artists. There are tons of terrific types of gear to choose to express your love for all of them, whether you are a hair band kind of person or a hip-hop enthusiast. All in all, the best gear is the gear that you love the best. Which gear will best suit you?