Modern Warfare 2 Task Force T-Shirt Sheer

What Do You Get For $50.00 Subscription With Call of Duty Elite

The short answer, your $50 Call of Duty Elite subscription will not get you much…. long answer is as follows.

You can see the full fancy chart here, but to me is sounds like you’re just getting DLC before other players giving you the advantage of learning the maps before them.

The other features include – Daily Competitive Programs, Exclusive Clan Benefits, Premium Theater, Elite TV, Being an Elite Founder and more.

So lets look at some of the above features.

Daily Competitive Programs – These things never last long, my guess is less then a year and it’s gone.
Exclusive Clan Benefits – This means all your friends need to join also, plus with so many other great games coming out (Space Marine, Gears of War 3 and Battlefield 3) will you really play enough
Premium Theater – Just more space for your videos.
Elite TV – Another service that will probabbly drop in less then a year, plus you know all the videos put up will end up on youtube.
Being an Elite Founder – You get stuff that doesn’t matter at start, but maybe for the next COD you’ll get a skin/gun that is only for Founders.

However, this could all be worth it if the DLC costs say $10 – $15 each, then yes you would save a ton and this would be worth it. I guess we will have to see.

You know what doesn’t cost $50, our Call of Duty T-shirts!

Modern Warfare 2 Task Force T-Shirt Sheer
Modern Warfare 2 Task Force T-Shirt Sheer

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